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Management Plan

LBNL serves as the host institution for the MDP organization. The Program Director and Program Management Office are based at LBNL.

The management structure outlined here provides a system of checks and balances to allow conflict resolution to occur, i.e., technical issues can be resolved with the aid of the Technical Advisory Committee, and institutional issues can be resolved via the Program Oversight Board.

Management Structure

USMDP management structure as of 30 September 2020

USMDP management structure as of 30 September 2020

The DOE Office of High Energy Physics has designated a Program Manager to oversee MDP from within the agency. At LBNL, a Program Director (L1 Manager) has been appointed. An MDP Deputy has been appointed by the Program Director to support activities in the Management Office.

A Program Oversight Board and a Technical Advisory Committee are incorporated into the MDP organizational structure.

Technical Reviews and Workshops — Community Input and Expansion of Participation

A Technical Workshop will be organized at least once per year for L1 and PI update reports on current activities and to provide a forum for community input on the MDP scope and direction. This is the primary mechanism for augmenting or modifying the program scope and expanding participation in the program.

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