Berkeley Lab

Strategic Documents

New 10-Year Overview and 5-Year Detailed Plans

These near-final roadmaps are part of a new strategic document that is being finalized. Click for larger versions.

High level USMDP roadmap for next 10 years

A high-level ten-year roadmap for the US Magnet Development Program, designed to align with the US physics community planning process.

5-year detailed roadmap

Updated roadmaps for the major elements of the program, including Nb3Sn Magnets, HTS (Bi-2212 and REBCO) magnets, and the various technology areas.

mdpcover_100x131y The U.S. Magnet Development Program Plan (June 2016)

The U.S. Magnet Development Program is a multi-institutional partnership, coordinated by LBNL, to pursue the development of superconducting accelerator magnets that operate as closely as possible to the fundamental limits of superconducting materials and at the same time minimize or eliminate magnet training. As a High Energy Physics-funded program, the primary focus is on magnets for accelerators, but the generic approach will develop magnet technologies that can be applied to a large variety of applications across the DOE Office of Science and beyond.

Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology Strategic Framework (April 2017)

This document describes an organization closely related to the Berkeley Lab part of the USMDP; namely, the cross-divisional Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology (BCMT), which serves LBNL and the larger DOE community as a full-spectrum resource for both R&D and schedule- and cost-driven, project-oriented production of advanced magnet systems.